The Buzz Newsletter

Classes Added for Fall & Spring - NEW
Three classes have been added to next year's schedule. All three are required for business administration majors so it may give you more options that meet your scheduling needs.

Fall 2013

BA228 S Business Communication - 6-10 pm Th
BA365 S International Business 1-5 pm Sat

Spring 2014
AC382 S Legal Elements of Fraud 1-5 pm Sat

All three of these classes meet alternate weeks. To reserve your seat, contact Cathy at 419-783-2313 or by email.

Fall DPO Paperwork - UPDATED
If you are using the Deferred Payment Option (DPO) for the Fall 2013 semester, applications and all pertinent paperwork is due by August 1st. The DPO applications are available by clicking the appropriate link below. If you have any questions about the DPO paperwork/process, please contact Michelle at 419.783.2351 or the Business Office at 419.783.2357. 

New Student DPO Application

Returning Student DPO Application

CLEP, Dantes, and Computer Proficiency Testing
Testing can still be done during the summer months. You can call Ryan Mays at 419.783.2490 or email him to set up a time to take a test. NOTE: May 2014 graduates are to take any CLEP, Dantes, or proficiency tests no later than December 2013 so that results can be factored in for spring and summer scheduling.

Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Schedules
Scheduling is taking place for fall 2013 and spring 2014 classes. Please contact your academic advisor for course selection and approval. If you do not know your advisor, the information can be found on your Onestop account. Schedule now to avoid classes being full.

Business Office Drop Box
The Business Office has a secure payment drop box to accept signed documents and payments after hours. The drop box is located on the 2nd floor of Defiance Hall between the Business Office and classroom 212. Envelopes are located next to the drop box for your convenience. You can continue making payments in the office or by phone between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm or via paypal on your Onestop account.

Motor Vehicle Parking Policy
All student motorized vehicles on campus must be registered annually with the Office of Student Life (Hubbard Hall 132) at the beginning of each academic year or within five class days following a student's enrollment at the College in a given academic year. The following links will take you to: Parking Policy, Parking Designations, and Instructions on how to Waive the Parking Fee if you will not have a vehicle on campus.

Service/Office Locations

A list of campus buildings and which offices/services are in each building is available to help you locate faculty offices, meeting rooms, computer labs, etc. This link will take you to the document.


Summer Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Evening office hours vary; but there are extended hours at least two evenings per week. A sign is posted outside the office or you can call 419.783.2313 for dates and times.

Financial Aid News
The DC Financial Aid Office has a Facebook page for you to "like". Check in often for new information and remember to submit all financial aid paperwork by the due dates. Fall paperwork should be submitted by July 1st.

Career Development Office News
Lisa Marsalek, Director of Career Development and Assistant Dean of Students

Accessibility Services

Defiance College offers a variety of services and resources to help students succeed. Additional information can be found on the DC website under Student Life or contact Lisa Marsalek at 419.783.2366 or by email.

Learning Commons News
Lisa Crumit-Hancock, Learning Commons Manager

The Learning Commons at Defiance College is where you can find all your academic support services. Our mission is to assist students toward their potential in a hospitable and positive atmosphere where personal growth and academic improvement are nurtured, long-term success is supported, and learning is the priority. Learning is an on-going process, and our goal is to help students develop skills and strategies for overall college success. Please take advantage of these academic services; they are free and our tutors make every effort to accommodate busy schedules. For more details and information, click here.

Below are links to study guides, time management suggestions and other helpful tools as an adult student.

Adult Learning Tips
Time Management Flyer
Listening and Getting the most out of Discussions
Note Taking Handout
Cornell Note Taking Handout
Mnemonics Handout
Using the Twelve Principles of Memory
How to Read a Textbook
Test Taking Skills

Library News
Michelle Blank, Director of Library and Information Resources

For the Pilgrim Library hours, please visit the library website.

Emergency Contact Information
On-campus security is available from 3 pm to 7 am Monday thru Friday at 419.785.2825.
Pilgrim Library